Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sam McGuffie Leaves Michigan

I am sure most of you have heard this by now, and apologies from the Ace of Sports staff for being late on the updates-finals had something to do with it.

McGuffie is gone, most likely headed somewhere closer to home.  What can you say if you are a Michigan fan?  It sucks.  It really sucks.  Yeah, maybe he had a hard time breaking tackles.  Maybe he was never going to a a workhorse back.  Doesn't matter.  The dude was probably the most talented freshman on the team last year, and him leaving really sucks.  

He showed flashes of that talent at times, and began to hit his stride early on, especially in the Notre Dame game.  Then, the concussions happened.  He reportedly suffered two in a span of three weeks, and that's never good.  He played sparingly the rest of the season, with Brandon Minor taking on most of the running back duties.  

Though this is very disappointing, running back is not the position Michigan needs to worry about-that would be uh...every other position.  Brandon Minor proved, at least to me, that he can run well against a very good defense (Penn State, anyone?), Michael Shaw has a ton of potential, and who knows what Carlos Brown will do when (or if) he ever returns.  

I don't believe this was Rich Rodriguez's doing.  I think Sammy was very far from home, he was not in the system he signed up for, and I don't know if his maturity level would have allowed him to assimilate easily onto any team, even one in the south.  

Definitely sucks, but Michigan fans just have to move on.  Good luck to Sam, wherever he goes.    


Mr. Ace said...

Most talented freshman... Are you high?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ace, what happened to posting on our site?

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