Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About the Banner


I've gotten a few comments about this recently, and they are completely valid.

The banner at the top of this website is completely cursed. Chauncey Billups was traded. Joel Zumaya's arm may fall off before we ever see him have another productive season. Mike Hart is (1) no longer a Wolverine, and (2) is out for the NFL season with a torn ACL. Roy Williams pouted, took plays off, and was then traded (although one could argue that worked out great for both the Lions and Roy). Only Pavel Datsyuk remains untouched by The Ace of Sports Banner Curse (TASBC, for short).

I might throw up a temporary replacement soon, just to ensure that Datsyuk doesn't get run over by a runaway Zamboni. However, I am not a graphic designer, by any standard. If any enterprising reader has the ability to create a banner for the website, I would be forever indebted.

If you are interested:
  • The banner must have "The Ace of Sports" prominently displayed on it somewhere, since that's the name of the blog and all.
  • It should incorporate images somehow involving the Pistons, Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, and Wolverines.
  • The dimensions are 1000 x 200 pixels.
  • Other than that, go wild.
As a college student in the current economy, I have no reward of monetary value to give out if you submit a worthy picture. However, I would be happy to give out a guest post, link to your website, shoutout, or anything else within reason that doesn't rob me of beer money.

Many thanks in advance.


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