Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Michigan Three-Man Front


I mean, seriously. Scott Shafer, please stop single-handedly raising my blood pressure to Old Faithful-esque levels. The last time the Wolverines gave up 48 points to Purdue? Um, never.

Have I mentioned their quarterback played running back two weeks ago? Ugh.

Time to block this out of my mind and attempt to enjoy the rest of Halloween weekend. Heavy drinking is absolutely inevitable.


Zac said...

hey ace is this scott schafer's doing or rich rod's? Rich rod ran the 3-3-5 at WV.

Ace said...

Probably a combination of both. I don't think anyone is sure who prompted the sudden move to the 3-3-5 this week, although if I had to guess I would say that was Rich Rod. However, the overall struggles of the defense all season can be pinned in part on Shafer and in part on a complete lack of playmakers (apart from Brandon Graham) on the defense.