Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy Hoop on a Stick! Michigan Beats No. 4 UCLA


I just want to say that the backdoor cut by DeShawn Sims, and the subsequent rim-rocking dunk off an Anthony Wright feed that provided the winning points in Michigan's 55-52 upset over UCLA, was the most beautiful thing related to Michigan basketball I've seen since, um, LaVell Blanchard announced he was coming to school here. Seriously.

Oh, and Stu Douglass officially has a license to shoot.

Regardless of how representative of the team this game really was (no, I don't believe we're a top-5 team, obviously) it was incredibly refreshing and encouraging to see Michigan close out a game like this. Too many times in the past few years we've taken good teams down to the wire, only to falter down the stretch. Tonight Michigan finished, and now we have a signature win and two cracks to upset Duke in the next five games.

For tonight, I am happy. Just don't drop the f-bomb (football) on me for the next 24 hours. I want to enjoy this one.

UPDATE: Here's the final minute of the game, found via The Big Lead.

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