Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Rod Allen Classic Moment

Any fan of the Detroit Tigers knows that part of the joy of watching the team on TV is hearing the goofy color-commentating of Rod Allen. Whether he is calling Jeremy Bonderman's slider "Mr. Snappy" or saying "get down with your bad self" after a Tiger home run, Allen is always entertaining. This afternoon, he had one of his better moments in recent memory. Referencing the shattered bat of Marcus Thames, who had just hit the eventual game-winning, two-run double, Allen deadpanned, "It died a hero." It is rare that an announcer says something that is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, but Allen regularly elicits laughter from FSN viewers, even during big moments of the game. It is refreshing to hear an announcer who doesn't take himself too seriously, and clearly has a great love for the game of baseball.

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