Friday, April 6, 2007

Red Wings Lock Up Datsyuk for 7 Years... me an excuse to post this video.

My god.

Terms of the deal were not released, as is the policy of the Detroit Red Wings. However, any terms that lock up a player like Datsyuk for the long term is fine with me. He leads the Wings with 87 points going into the final game of the season, and is an immeasurable talent who has gotten better each season in the NHL. Not convinced?

Thought so.

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Craig said...


While I agree that firming up a contract with Pavel was an integral part of the Wings future, it is also critical that he delivers in the playoffs. His production when the Wings need it has been the cornerstone of a lot of arguments against paying him the $6m or $7m that is required.

The Red Wings are no joke this year and with the addition of Bertuzzi (I know, you don't like him), they should be in good position to win the NHL's most coveted prize, the Stanley Cup.

Long live the Red Wings, Ken Holland for President in 2008, and your a hellova writer!