Saturday, April 28, 2007

Matt Millen Accidentally Does Something Right...

...and drafts Calvin Johnson with the second pick in the NFL Draft. As the minutes keep ticking by, there is more and more of a chance that the Lions hold on to Johnson instead of dealing him for extra picks and defensive help. Whether Millen drafted him with the intention of trading him or is just so enamored with wide receivers that he couldn't help himself (I can't give Millen credit for actually making a smart move intentionally) this may have actually been the right move. Johnson is clearly the best player in the draft, a can't miss prospect that won't bust even on the Lions. Gaines Adams, the player the Lions were looking to acquire from Tampa Bay in a trade, doesn't have that can't miss feel to him. Adams is small for a DE (6'4", 258 lbs.) and struggles against the run. Looking at Ted Kluck's study of draft busts, for every stud defensive end picked in the first round, there are 5 or 6 mediocre, 6-sack per year type players. Detroit can't afford to give up a possible once-in-a-lifetime prospect for a player who may or may not become a solid contributor. The Lions need the spectacular at this point, someone to build the team around. Consider Calvin Johnson spectacular:

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