Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conboy and Tropp Off Team

Conboy (l) and Tropp (r)

I swear this is the last Kampfer-related post, barring criminal charges in the matter. Andrew "Ber-2-zzi" Conboy (I'm so effing clever) and Corey Tropp (I can't figure out how to incorporate a "2" into "McSorley") are no longer members of the Michigan State hockey program, according to the Detroit News:
Michigan State hockey players Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp are no longer on the team after their violent actions in Saturday's game at Michigan, MSU coach Rick Comley said Tuesday.

"It was a tough decision, but the right decision," Comley said. "I don't think the kids are bad kids. I don't think (their actions) were premeditated."

In Conboy's case, he has left the university entirely, probably to continue his hockey career somewhere where fighting is legal and teams actually have use for a low-scoring enforcer. The article also states that Tropp "might be allowed to return to the program after this season if he remains enrolled in school."

Credit where credit is due: State's handling of the incident has been great. Comley has done all one can reasonably expect of a coach in his situation, and he addressed Conboy and Tropp's suspensions in a timely and appropriate manner. At this point, I'm satisfied with how the whole thing has turned out, although I hope the Spartans take a long, hard look at whether they want to allow Tropp back on the team next year (assuming he stays in school).

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