Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michigan Hires a Defensive Coordinator


It's official: former Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson will be Michigan's next DC. Robinson went 10-37 as a head coach at 'Cuse before being fired, and has previously been a DC at Texas and in the NFL with Kansas City, Denver, and the New York Jets. He has two Super Bowl rings from his time with the Broncos.

As expected when you hire a horrible college head coach with a mixed-bag NFL background, reactions are mixed. Personally, I think you can pretty much throw out a candidates head coaching career when looking at him for a coordinator position. To me, those jobs entail entirely different skill sets (especially at the collegiate level). Would I be happier if our new coordinator's heyday was more recent than 1997-1998 (with the exception of his one-year stint as a co-defensive coordinator with Texas in 2004)? Of course. However, I'm willing to put any criticism on the back burner until I see how the team performs on the field this year.

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Bob Biscigliano said...

Lions signed a D-Coordinator too! I like the Lions choice better, but obviously I have to excited about the Wolverines finding the guy they wanted who has lots of NFL experience.

BTW- I wrote an article about the Ohio State interview elaborating on some things you said about it. I linked it back to your website.

Lastly, I really like the Homer Eroticism website. Thanks for sharing that with me.

Keep up the good work and glad to have you back in the New Year
-Bob Biscigliano from Detroit4lyfe.blogspot.com