Monday, January 26, 2009

Kampfer Released from Hospital, Not Seriously Injured

Relieving to hear this, via George Sipple of the Free Press:
“I have a strained neck right now,” Kampfer said in a phone interview with the Free Press on Sunday. “I had no relapse of what happened earlier. Hopefully, I’ll be back this weekend.”
Kampfer also showed way more class than I could've ever mustered:
Asked if he thought the players should miss more time, Kampfer said: “That’s not up for me to decide. I’m biased because it happened to me. It’s up to (CCHA commissioner) Tom Anastos and the refs to decide.”
It's great to know that Kampfer is okay, and it is almost as great to see that he is conducting himself with a tremendous amount of class and restraint. I probably would've been calling for Tropp's head on a platter after what happened Saturday night. I am proud to call Kampfer a fellow Wolverine, and relieved to hear that he will be fine.

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