Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Think We Took Different Versions of the S.A.T.

Ohio State plays Michigan at Crisler tonight, and a local reporter interviewed Buckeye center B.J. Mullens about the game, and his hatred for Michigan. The beginning is typical Michigan hate, but Mullens unwittingly drops a gem at the end of the interview (video via MVictors):

Raj Nair -- "In as many S.A.T. vocabulary words as you can, your opinion of Michigan."
B.J. Mullens -- "Boo."

I am at a loss for words. Much like B.J. Mullens during a standardized test.

Game tips at 8 pm on the Big Ten Network. Here's hoping the student section picks up on this vid and comes up with a little heckling material for B.J. You know, besides the fact his name is B.J.

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Bob Biscigliano said...


I wrote a short article about this interview over at my site. I linked it back up with yours. Thanks for sharing this interview, displaying sheer stupidity on the part of Ohioans.

-Bob Biscigliano