Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tatum Bell is a Bad Liar

I'm at work, so Microsoft Paint it is.

Tatum Bell should probably have made sure the subject of his alibi was on the same page as him before he issues his denial of intentionally stealing Rudi Johnson's luggage. Bell, as we all know by now, claimed that he thought the bags belonged to released DE Victor DeGrate, whom Bell said had asked him to pick up his bags. From the Free Press:

“I just know I had nothing to do with it,” DeGrate said today in a phone interview.

“What he did is his business. Why he said what he said, I don’t know. I can’t do nothing for you or for him as far as that goes.”


“The way I just figure, he got caught up in a jam and that was the best thing going at the time, was to say what he said,” DeGrate said.
Oops. Good luck finding another NFL job, Tatum. I don't think "handles pressure well" will be on his resume.

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