Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Tatum Bell/Rudi Johnson Story is Getting More Awesome by the Second


Rudi Johnson has commented on the Tatum Bell luggage-stealing fiasco. Tom Kowalski has the quotes:

According to Johnson, Bell took two of Johnson's duffel bags from the Lions locker room on Monday and, when they were returned by another party on Tuesday, almost everything was missing.

"Underwear, socks, credit cards and money. He left my money clip with no money in it,'' said Johnson, adding that about $200 was missing. "He should've taken the clip, too. It's quite stupid if you ask me.''


"All of this happened after he got released and came in and got some stuff out of his locker,'' Johnson said. "That's when he scooped the bags up, some real shyster, conniving stuff.''

It's not every day you hear the word 'shyster' thrown around, but man, if that's true, shyster it is.

Bell has a different take on things, naturally. Naturally, it sounds like pure horseshit.

Bell told The Detroit Free Press that it was a misunderstanding. "I ain't no thief,'' Bell said.

According to Bell, he was to pick up some bags in the locker room for defensive lineman Victor DeGrate, who was recently released. Bell said he picked up some bags in the locker room and dropped them off at a woman's home. Bell said that he found out his error, he tried to explain it to Johnson but that Johnson wouldn't listen.

Yeah, that makes total sense, Tatum. Dropping off the bags with some woman, who in turn brings them BACK to the Lions practice facility, where a recently cut defensive lineman would not be, because he was CUT. Methinks Rudi saw right through that one:
"He tried to make up an excuse. He said some girl had got it and took it to somebody's house,'' Johnson said. "The story didn't make any sense so I didn't pay it any attention.
Johnson also said he wouldn't be taking the matter to the police, and instead would "handle it" himself. I hope Tatum Bell has some solid home protection in place, since it doesn't look like he'll be getting any job offers anytime soon.

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