Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farnsworth Follow-Up

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I wanted to add a few more thoughts on today's trade, since the news broke just as I was about to leave work and sent me scrambling to get a post up.

I for one am in support of the Pudge-for-Farns deal. Pudge was going to walk after this season, wasn't exactly pleased with splitting time with Brandon Inge at catcher, and was not putting up better offensive numbers than Inge anyway (the truth is in the OPS, people). Farnsworth will get a chance to close, and will at the very least add depth to the bullpen. He's been pitching quite well this year, despite a penchant for giving up the long ball. Plus, adding Farns means we probably won't see Todd Jones in any high-leverage innings ever again. That in itself is certainly cause for celebration.

While the Tigers lose some catching depth (hello Dane Sardinha!), Inge doesn't have the wear and tear of 18 seasons crouching behind the plate, so he should be able to handle a bigger workload than Pudge did. Plus, Pudge and Inge were batting in the 8 and 9 spots anyway, so we're not talking about replacing Magglio-level run production here.

If the Tigers were going to make the postseason, something had to be done about the bullpen. I would have loved to see Dombrowski to bring in a starter (and he still might), but I think he made the right decision when he jumped at this offer from the Yankees, who needed to find someone to replace Jorge Posada. Like the Farns, I'm giving this trade a thumbs up.

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