Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Michigan NCAA 09 Stuff

Picture via IGN Message Boards

I've already posted the spreadsheet for Michigan's (and every team's rosters) for the NCAA 09 video game. I decided to round up some more useful stuff for the Michigan fan who has a fair amount of free time and a social-life-crippling passion for video games (don't worry, you're not alone).

First, the in-game stadium sounds. Check out this post over at the Operation Sports boards. All you have to do is burn these songs to an audio CD (NOT an .mp3 CD, it took me a while to figure that out) and then rip them into your Xbox on the dashboard. For die-hard Michigan fans, your home game experience will be that much more authentic (there's nothing better than getting a big third- or fourth-down stop and hearing Tempation blare over your television speakers).

Michigan's official roster, complete with freshmen numbers, has been released. Check out Michigan Sports Center for the full rundown of what frosh is wearing what jersey. There's a lot of corrections to be made to the game, so if you want Boubacar Cissoko wearing #33 (instead of #12) as he shoots for the Thorpe Award in your dynasty, check out the link. For the full roster, check out Michigan's official site. Note the absence of Marques Slocum.

If you want a custom cover, check out the IGN Message Boards linked under the Jake Long pic. You can request specific covers if you link to a picture.

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