Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madden NFL 09: Lions Ratings

Hopefully. (photo from www.operationsports.com)

Greetings, bloggers. First off, my name is Noah. I am Ace's friend (I think) and the most recent addition to the Ace of Sports writing staff. I currently write for Operation Sports, which specializes in sports videogames, but I figured I'd try to branch out and write about real sports (although not today). I'd like to thank Ace for adding me to this nifty little site, and I'd also like to apologize in advance for all the things I'm inevitably going to say that might piss people off. On second thought, I think I'll just thank Ace ;-).

Ok, Ace treated you all to a couple of posts about Michigan and NCAA Football 09, so I thought I could chime in with a little info about the Lions and the new Madden. Besides, it makes sense that the superior player between the two of us would talk about the superior game. Seriously though, neither of us will concede the title of better player, but Madden actually is the better game since it comes out later and EA actually tries. For those of you who might be discouraged by the buggy NCAA Football 09, I genuinely believe Madden is going to be off the hook this year. Believe that.

Anyways, the fellas over at IGN Sports have treated us to the player ratings for all 32 teams. About the Lions:

Our projected starters according to EA:
Offense -
QB: John Kitna, 84 overall
HB: Kevin Smith, 79 / Tatum Bell, 78
FB: Jerome Felton, 78
WR: Roy Williams, 92 / Calvin Johnson, 91 / Shaun McDonald, 87 / Mike Furrey, 84
TE: Michael Gaines, 79 / Dan Campbell, 78
LT: Jeff Backus, 84 (generous?)
LG: Edwin Mulitalo, 79
C: Dominic Raiola, 87
RG: Stephen Peterman, 80
RT: Gosder Cherilus, 79

Defense -
FS: Daniel Bullocks, 82
SS: Dwight Smith, 86
CB: Leigh Bodden, 90 / Brian Kelly, 82
MLB: Jordon Dizon, 78
ROLB: Ernie Sims, 94
LOLB:Paris Lenon, 84
LE: Jared DeVries, 82
RE: Dewayne White, 86
DT: Cory Redding, 91 / Chuck Darby, 83

Special Teams -
K: Jason Hanson, 91
P: Nick Harris, 81
KR/PR: Kenneth Moore (85 RETURN rating)

It could've been much worse. Our receiving core is nasty, and our young players have potential. For a franchise project, the Lions are the perfect candidate. Get a good HB and QB, shore up the O-line and a few spots on defense, and the Lions are ready for action. If only Matt Millen knew how to do any of those things.

Before I sign off, a couple ratings that made me really happy. Calvin Johnson, in addition to being 91 overall, has 97 speed and 97 spectacular catch. Glad to see EA pays attention. Also, Ernie Sims, who Ace could tell you I like a little too much, was granted 95 hit power to go with his 95 overall. If anything that's a little low but I like where their heads are at.

Madden NFL 09 comes out August 13th (or August 12th at midnight if you're like me and Ace). Check back to The Ace of Sports for more info on the Detroit Lions, virtual and otherwise.

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