Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Michigan Home Jerseys Revealed

If you, like me, are somewhat delusional in your Michigan fandom, one of the biggest offseason issues for you is how the switch from Nike to adidas will affect Michigan's jerseys. Via Varsity Blue and Rivals ($), this appears to be Michigan's new home jersey:

Obviously, adidas wasn't going to make any major overhauls to the home jersey, but it is still a relief to see that the jerseys really stick to tradition. I don't even mind the tiny block M's on the inside and outside of the back collar. Apparently there is some confusion over whether the graphic on the sleeve is a block M or a jersey number, but if you look closely enough you can make out that those are in fact ones, which is fine by me.

The only issue I have right now with the jerseys is their price tag: right now you can pre-order one for the low, low price of $199. Considering my Steve Breaston circa-2003 replica jersey (and yes, I do get furious when people refer to it as a Ryan Mallett jersey) is quickly falling apart, I should probably start saving now for when these hit the shelves in September.

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Tim said...

Nike Jerseys new were 185, so it really isn't a price increase at all.