Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Few Michigan Tidbits

A few Michigan-related news items came up in the last day. A recap:
  • Rich Rodriguez and the University agreed to pay his $4 million buyout to West Virginia. Michigan will pay $2.5 million, with Rodriguez picking up the remaining $1.5 million of the buyout. Both sides seem to be happy that this is over, and everybody can now go on with their lives (except embittered WVU fans, who seem to be a lost cause).
  • Running back Kevin Grady pleaded not guilty to charges of Driving While Impaired in a court date yesterday morning. Grady was pulled over at 2 am on July 2nd in Wyoming, Michigan, and a breathalyzer revealed a blood alcohol content of .281, more than three times the legal limit. As a first-time offender, Grady is not expected to serve any jail time. Michigan has not released any information on his status with the team, and will wait to see how the legal process plays out before giving out any punishment.
  • The Tractor is back! Former Michigan basketball star Robert "Tractor" Traylor will play for the Cleveland Cavaliers' summer league team. Traylor last played in the NBA for Cleveland in 2005, before weight issues forced him out of the league. He then played in Europe and Puerto Rico before serving jail time for money laundering, a result of dealings with a drug-pushing cousin. Here's hoping the Tractor has his life back on track, and can stick on the Cavs roster.

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Goop said...

So Rich Rod basically fessed up, even though he said he is still not happy with the terms of the settlement. Kinda funny.

Wow, didn't know that Tractor was coming back, very cool!