Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Monday, Everyone

I know, I'm as excited as all of you for the start of a new work week. As a little treat for those of you who are working early on a Monday, I present to you my exact thoughts on the Brett Favre retirement/unretirement situation, as presented by Stephen A. Smith (via Awful Announcing):

I never thought I would say this in response to a Screamin' A. rant, but I could not have possibly said it better myself. For once, I'm glad the Lions suck, just so we have no chance of signing that jackass (Favre, not Smith) and turning our team into a full-blown media circus. Besides, Jon Kitna has just as much ability to throw a pass off of his back foot into the waiting arms of some camped-out defensive back.

At least Kitna has the courtesy to not ruin Sportscenter for me.

Favre is a legend in Green Bay, and rightfully so. However, the crap he's pulling this offseason is selfish, unfair to the Packers (especially Aaron Rodgers), and a disservice to his own legacy. I'm glad the Packers are doing the right thing by refusing to release him. It is not at all in their best interest to allow Favre to sign with an NFC competitor. For Favre to try to bully them into doing so, by using the media and his status as a Hall of Fame player, is pretty classless way to show your appreciation for 15 years of support.

Knowing Matt Millen, he is probably on the phone with Ted Thompson offering Ernie Sims, next year's first-round pick, and his daughter's hand in marriage for the right to watch Favre put his career interceptions record out of reach next season.


Mikey said...

I'm just thinking of the look of Aaron Rodgers' face when Favre decided to come back....wouldn't be surprised if my man wanted to assasinate him...

Ace Anbender said...

Can't say I would blame him. And to think he was supposed to go in the top 5 in the draft before he dropped to the Packers. Gotta feel bad for him.