Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hart's "Little Brother" Comment Still Bugs Brian Hoyer, Spartans

Brian Hoyer Sandwich (photo from Mike DeSimone's archives)

Much has been made of Mike Hart's comments after Michigan came from behind to beat Michigan State last year. For those who need a refresher, this is what set East Lansing on fire (well, this and Cedar Fest):

Via the Michigan Daily's report on Big Ten Media Day, Brian Hoyer is still a bit pissy:

“I think you kind of do have to take it personally because, obviously, he’s not back,” Michigan State quarterback Brian Hoyer said. “I mean, it’s good for him. He can make those comments because he was leaving. There was no need for him to say something like that, so you have to take it personally.

“I wouldn’t say something like that if I was going to have to play those guys next year because you don’t want people gunning for you.”

I understand the Mike Hart comments were a bit over-the-top (although awesome), but honestly Hoyer, get over yourself. After State's giant choke job last season (in which Hart ran for 112 yards on 15 carries), shouldn't Hoyer be focused on how the team can actually beat Michigan instead of what was said after the game? Hoyer is no superstar, and was sub-par in the Michigan game last year (19-35, 161 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT). I don't think Mike Hart or any of the returning Wolverines would be shaking in their shoes if Hoyer was "gunning for" them. As for the rest of the Spartans, well, it's been 18 years since they've won in Michigan Stadium. Fire away, Sparty.

Advice to Little Brother: Stop talking until you prove it on the field. Mike Hart said the "little brother" stuff in the euphoria after a huge come-from-behind victory. He earned the right to talk shit. The last time State earned that right was in 2001, and they got a lot of help from Spartan Bob the Clock Operator that season. Mike Hart is not a coward for saying those comments knowing he would not be back the next season, he truly believes that Michigan doesn't need him to back those comments up. Until Little Brother proves otherwise, so do I.

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