Monday, July 14, 2008

New Michigan Jerseys Officially Revealed

Via the Detroit Free Press, Michigan is officially revealing its new adidas uniforms today. The Free Press posted a full photo gallery of the new home and road uniforms, including the above image.

The changes to the road jersey have already been covered here, but now that they're officially released, I'll offer my "official" opinion: It could be worse. Yes, the side stripes aren't exactly attractive, but adidas didn't do anything too crazy with the uniform. In fact, they actually did some pretty cool stuff that doesn't show up on the pictures:

“We’re celebrating what’s special about the school,” said Mark Clinard, Adidas’ business unit director for football, baseball and motor sports. “The details are what speak to that. As we learned more at very beginning stages of partnership, we were looking at what’s special about Michigan. We put Bo Schembechler’s famous quote ‘Those Who Stay Will Be Champions’ in the hem of the authentic jersey. It’s not just about us just putting a logo on the program. We also have (silicone prints of) the 42 Big Ten championships on the inside of shoulder pad area. We can do everything with the outside of the jersey to uphold the honor and tradition. We’re putting more on the inside.”

That's pretty cool if you ask me. Clearly adidas understands the amount of stock Michigan and their fans put in upholding tradition. Putting a Bo quote inside the jersey will go a long way to winning over the more skeptical fans.

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