Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Barwis = Barack?

Via comes this quote from Adam Rittenberg's Big Ten Blog:

John from Milwaukee writes: Michigan’s team did lose some talent. But they’ve got 7 returners on defense, and they’ve had Top 10 or Top 12 recruiting classes the last two years. I think the biggest factor, which people are missing, is Mike Barwis, the new trainer.

Adam Rittenberg writes: You’re right about the young talent being there, especially at the skill positions. And I don’t think anyone is overlooking Barwis, who gets as much publicity as Barack Obama.

Barack Obama advertises change. Mike Barwis is already bringing tremendous change to the Michigan program (especially the weightroom and player's guts). Why not take the campaign further?


The world will never be the same.


Mikey said...

Would not be surprised if the team photo has the LBs looking like they could be mistaken as RBs...Barwis is that dude.

John said...

Well, they've both received a great deal of hype, but unlike Obama, Barwis actually has a proven track record.