Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bullet Points Are Handy: Lions Optimism Abound!


Today's batch of links looks at the high expectations (!) for the Lions, the emergence of Drew Stanton (!!), Michigan football news, and more:


Dave said...

I caught a fair amount of the Lions game. The run defense has issues which is to be expected. But Calvin Johnson looks like he'll be unstoppable if he can just stay healthy. Kevin Smith didn't get enough carries but looked good with the few he was given. Stanton had a solid game so that's a good sign.

When the Bengals put in the scrubs on offense the Detroit defense generated lots of pressure.

I never, ever read too much into positives when it comes to the Lions. Heck, even if they went 8-0 to start the season I'd still be weary of then finishing the season 0-8 and missing the playoffs.

But I've been a Rod Marinelli fan ever since he was hired. His bringing in Tampa Bay players seems to have helped improve a wretched Lions defense. I think they could at least be entertaining to watch this season.

Baby steps....

Ace said...

The two things I'm worried about the most are the running game and the linebackers. We'll be able to throw on most teams, but we've all seen what happens when teams can tee off on Kitna without fear of getting run on. Hopefully Smith steps up, since I have no faith in Bell. As for the linebackers, nobody gives me much faith except for Ernie Sims, who I'm always afraid is going to hit somebody so hard he'll warp into another dimension and never return.

As always, I try not to get my hopes up. They've been trampled all over too many times for me to be anything but very skeptical.