Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pistons' National TV Schedule


Thanks to (via the AOL Fanhouse) I've been able to compile the complete schedule of Pistons games that will be nationally televised this year. Detroit will be televised fourteen times nationally, the eighth-most in the league (Phoenix, Cleveland, and Boston lead the way at 25).

The list (all times ET):

Fri, Nov. 14 at Lakers: 10:30 pm on ESPN
Thu, Nov. 20 at Boston: 8:00 pm on TNT
Mon, Jan. 19 at Memphis: 5:30 pm on TNT
Fri, Jan. 23 vs. Dallas: 7:00 pm on ESPN
Sun, Jan. 25 vs. Houston: 6:30 pm on ESPN
Fri, Jan. 30 vs. Boston: 7:00 pm on ESPN
Sun, Feb. 1 vs. Cleveland: 2:30 pm on ABC
Sun, Feb. 8 vs. Phoenix: 8:00 pm on ESPN
Thu, Feb. 19 vs. San Antonio: 8:00 pm on TNT
Sun, Feb. 22 at Cleveland: 8:00 pm on ESPN
Sun, Mar. 1 at Boston: 1:00 pm on ABC
Wed, Mar. 18 at Houston: 9:30 pm on ESPN
Tue, Mar. 24 at Chicago: 8:00 pm on TNT
Sat, Apr. 3 at Philadelphia: 3:00 pm on ESPN

Games on TNT in bold, because TNT is awesome.


Maria F. Alexander said...

Hey Ace,
so if I'm going to go to a stons/celts game in boston should i go to the first one on Nov. 20th or the one on March 1st? decisions decisions.


Ace said...

Can I say both?

I'd personally go with the March 1st game, because hopefully by that point it will be a battle for playoff seeds, and maybe some bad blood will spring up in the first game that can get played out in the second one. Also, I'd much rather watch the game on TNT on TV, and then be at the game on ABC so I don't have to hear the announcing.