Friday, August 22, 2008

Lions Sign Drew Henson


From the Detroit Free Press, via MVictors, comes the news that the Lions have signed former Michigan quarterback Drew Henson. The signing is a result of the thumb injury to Drew Stanton, which will keep him out a month. Henson is not expected to make the final roster, but will provide depth to get the Lions through the preseason.

If you had told a Michigan and Lions fan in 2000 that the Lions would have Drew Henson at quarterback in 2008, the fan would probably have expected Henson to be a top-10 NFL Draft Pick and a solid pro QB. Instead, he took a slightly more circuitous route to the NFL. I don't think any fan ten years ago would have guessed Henson would not be expected to make the Lions roster and would likely be out of the league. Strange how things work sometimes.

Oh, and screw you, George Steinbrenner.

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