Monday, August 4, 2008

Jason Maxiell Dominates Delonte West in Accumulating Floor Burns

Maxiell, eying the ball like a juicy baby (photo, joke from Detroit Bad Boys)

Hoops Addict is currently hosting the Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament, which is described thusly:
Each night ESPN, and YouTube are flooded with clips of players soaring through the air for rim rocking dunks, buzzer beating three-pointers and blocked shots that make your jaw drop in amazement. While those are all entertaining plays, teams who win championships need players who are willing to get a little dirty and do the little things needed to help their team win. As valuable and crucial as these players are to their respective teams success, these players rarely get the credit or respect that they deserve. With that in mind, the First Annual Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament will kick off this week.
Natalie of Need4Sheed nominated Jason Maxiell as the Detroit entrant in the 32-player competition, and he is currently dominating to the point that even Steve Spurrier thinks it's getting a bit excessive. At last check (when I put in my vote) Maxiell was beating Cleveland's Delonte West 108-1. Not surprisingly, that's about what I'd expect the final score of a one-on-one game between West and Mad Max to be (as long as it was half court, the officiating was somewhat lax, and West didn't have the dignity to quit after the seventeenth soul-crushing dunk by Maxiell).

I expect Pistons fans (and fans of good hard-nosed basketball) to vault Maxiell to the title. I can think of no other player who deserves it more. Keep voting, and let's give Baby-Eater the title he has already earned.

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Ace said...

The count is now 216-4. I think Delonte is getting some sympathy votes. Three, to be exact.