Monday, August 18, 2008

German Live Blog

What's up everybody, I slept in once again, just not as much as usual.  There's a problem, though.  I thought we were playing Germany, but instead we're playing some team called "Deutschland?"  And apparently, they're really bad.  
Ok, just kidding.  Seriously, I was kidding.  Not about them being bad, but about the Deutschland thing.  Anyhoooo...

I got up just a little late, but all I know is, at the 6:48 mark, Germany hasn't scored yet.

3:31-Near-Career-Ender by LeBron, but the real play was made by Kobe.  He missed a layup in traffic, Dirk got the rebound, and Kobe just grabbed it out of his hands from behind, got the ball to LeBron streaking through the lane.  Result: savage dunk.  Big surprise.

1:48-Interesting observation by Breeny: "Kaman looks more comfortable playing against these NBA players than international players."  He's right.  Kaman has played very well thus far, and it's because he is used to the United State's style of defense.

End of first quarter-31-12, Team USA.  Lovin it.

Start of second quarter-USA (the network) breaks out footage of Vince Carter dunking over that french guy.  I'm sure you've seen the poster.  As my buddy Jon characterized it: "It was cruel."  Anyway, the frenchman he dunked on was actually a draft pick of the New York Knicks.  That dunk is the Career-Ending dunk against which all Career-Ending Dunks are measured.

7:15-Tay is in.  Honestly, this game is the worst one to live blog about.  It just ain't that interesting.   

5:55-LeBron James is feeling it from 3.  He just nailed his second from the nether regions.

4:32-Dwight Howard makes a very nice move on Chris Kaman, but can't finish.  Again.  He really has me wondering about his touch around the basket.  It just isn't there.

4:02-Oop finish by Dwight.  Maybe he doesn't need touch.

2:49-49-19.  Jon: "Is there a mercy rule?"

1:29-Tay is the only one who makes these new Team USA jerseys look loose.  However, maybe it's just a trick of the light, but he looks a little bigger to me.  Maybe he's actually-dare I say it- weight training?  Good for him.

Halftime-53-29.  Not really a contest, but nobody expected it to be.  Ho hum.

Later in halftime-This has nothing to do with basketball, but Jon said something that took me aback.  You know Usain Bolt?  Jon's nickname for him: Insane Bolt.  Wow.  Great nickname.  It works because he's insanely fast, but also a little insane because he pulled up at the end.  However, the catch is that it's useless because his name is so perfect anyway.

Later in halftime-A commercial for one of my favorite shows comes on: Psych.  God, I love that show so much.  It's hilarious!  Oh, Sean and Gus, what sort of hijinks will you pull next?

Halftime is over.  Let's do this.

9:34-Ooooooh, Kobe got hung on a CED dunk attempt on a fast break.  Ouch.  been there, man.  Been there.

8:38-Kobe has hit two 3's since his unfortunate, ahem, incident.  Kobe is the only player I know who gets hung and is motivated by it.

6:37-Make that 3.

6:03 Savage CED by LeBron on-guess who-Chris Kaman!  I think his dad wasn't the only one Chris offended when he decided to play for the Germans even though he is about as much german as I am Irish.

4:46-The Little Flying Warrior strikes again!  CED by D Wade on whoever number 9 is for Germany.  And 1.  The whole nine.

4:21-Can there be a Career-Ending Rebound?  If there can be, Dwight just got his first one.       

3:01-Turnover by D Wade.  I'm glad he's deciding to have his worst game while we're up by 41.

1:56-Chris Bosh sighting.  He hasn't played much at all this game, most likely to rest him a little bit, he's been playing the majority of most games.  Also, Chris Paul just did that thing where you let the ball roll for a while on the inbound when you're trying to conserve clock.  Why?  Kind of weird.

End of the third quarter-We're up by 37.  No signs of this turning into a game in sight.   

8:11-Man, Tay sure looks bigger.  I'm sure of it now.  He has been lifting.  Hittin the weights!  Running out of things to talk about!  Yeah!

7:35-Doug Collins has spent the past 5 minutes talking about the Pistons.  I would be happier if it was a little sunnier subject.  Although, Michael Curry has my vote of confidence.  And Flip Saunders has my vote for the title of "most blank looks ever worn on an NBA sideline."  What a terrible coach.  Don't get me started.

6:03-Michael Phelps is shown on the screen for about 3 minutes straight.  He's wearing a Lacoste hat and his boy is decked out in Lacoste.  Endorsements, anyone?  Oh by the way, we're up by 45.

1:54-Chris Bosh-to-Deron Williams alley-oop.  Damn, that was sick.  

0:46-Doug Collins: "I think the motto for Team USA is '3 years, 3 wins away.'"  Boy, he didn't have that written down before the game, did he?  He couldn't have made it more obvious.  Then again, that's why he was so successful as a head coach: catchy slogans.

End of the game-Overall, meh.  We ended up beating them by 49, but it wasn't much of a challenge.  It was fun to watch, and probably fun to play (if you were playing for the U.S.).  Bring on the Aussies.  Of course, I will be blogging for that one as well.  See you then. 

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