Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wolverine Needs a Better Marketing Team

I got an email from The Wolverine (Michigan's Rivals site) asking if I wanted to upgrade my subscription from monthly to yearly. Since I'm a college student who rarely has an extra $100 laying around, I almost immediately went for the delete button. Then I noticed their promotion:


Notice anything strange? Remember, this is going out almost exclusively to die hard Michigan fans. What genius decided that the Sports Illustrated promo picture should show the cover featuring the Appalachian State game? I still feel sick to my stomach every time I hear anyone mention that game, let alone see a picture from it.

Well done, Rivals. Enjoy my continued monthly subscription.


Mikey said...

Haha....that's the first thing I noticed. Wow...

Dave said...

Stick to monthly? Ah no, time to cancel that subscription. That dough can be used as beer money.

Ace said...

With that extra $10 a month, I guess I could upgrade from Olde English 40's to good old Busch Light.

Unfortunately, I'm already addicted to Rivals. Once you start getting up-to-the-second updates, it's really really hard to live without them.