Monday, August 11, 2008

Early RichRod: 1996 Glenville State Highlights

Ever wondered what Rich Rodriguez's offense looked like when it wasn't run by Pat White? If you're a Michigan fan, you probably have, since probable starter Steven Threet resembles Pat White about as much as he does a steaming plate of pan-fried noodles (sorry, I haven't had lunch yet). Here's one in a series of videos from RichRod's Glenville State teams, which he led to three straight West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference titles (1994-1996). Note the lack of Pat White, and the prevalence of long downfield passes. I'm not (at all) saying this is what Michigan will look like this year, but I'm hoping to shut up all the people that say Rodriguez can't win without a running quarterback.

If you actually stuck it out through all of that, I'm impressed. If you didn't, you missed Rodriguez revealing their championship "banner" (all it says is "96") in their locker room. Cue Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up".

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