Monday, August 11, 2008

Bullet Points Are Handy: Tom Brady is Surprisingly Grounded

Photo from Esquire, via The Sports Point

Today's links include Tom Brady talking about God and football (not in the way you think), Jason Maxiell still burning up the Floor Burn Tournament, and more.
  • The Sports Point has the highlights from Tom Brady's article in Esquire. They are surprisingly awesome:
    • "Look at the attention I get: It's because I throw a football. But that's what society values. That's not what God values. God could give a shit, as far as I'm concerned. He didn't invent the game. We did. I have some eye-hand coordination, and I can throw the ball. I don't think that matters to God."
    • "What the hell you gonna do about it? Sit there and bitch and complain and ruin the next two months of your life because something didn't go right for you? Or do you say, you know, Fuck it, let's learn from it, let's accept it, understand that it didn't happen and move on?"
    • (Ed. Yes, Tom Brady just cemented his place in the pantheon of my favorite athletes. It's a personal pet peeve of mine when players always thank God for their performance in a game. Brady clearly feels the same way, and isn't afraid to take some heat for saying some inflammatory shit. Fuck. Bitch. TOM BRADY!)
  • Jason Maxiell continues to dominate Hoops Addict's Floor Burn Tournament. Mad Max is currently leading his second round matchup with Indiana's Jeff Foster by a count of 151-10. Get out there and vote!
  • DBB's Matt Watson wrote a piece on former Pistons' first-round pick Rodney White for AOL's Fanhouse. Not surprisingly, the article was part of their countdown of the biggest draft busts of the 2000's. White clocks in at #3, after being drafted ninth overall in 2001 ahead of Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Gilbert Arenas, Tony Parker, and several other players who panned out much, much better. Yikes.
  • Dave at Gorilla Crouch has put together a breakdown of the Red Wings minor league prospects, and which players have the best shot of contributing in the near future.
  • Gary Sheffield said some things to the Boston Globe. Gary Sheffield does this kind of stuff all the time.
  • Not Detroit-related, but I saw this headline on SI, and couldn't help but think of this. My mind remains firmly in the gutter.
  • Varsity Blue gives us the Barwis for President campaign commercial. Its beauty brought a single, solitary tear to drop from my eye. The movement grows...

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