Friday, August 22, 2008

Dumars: Expects Pistons to "Go to War" with the Current Roster


After Detroit was ousted by the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, everyone, including Joe Dumars, expected big changes this offseason. The closest the Pistons have come to a big move was signing Kwame Brown, and those holding out hope for a big trade late in the offseason should probably give it up.

True Blue Pistons interviewed Joe D on Thursday afternoon. The money quote:
“I would be very surprised if anyone called at this point to offer the type of deal I was open to and had been open to doing,” Dumars said. “I don’t expect that call. I expect us to go to war, if you will, with the guys we have on this roster we have right now, with the 14 guys we have now.”
While I'm sure many Pistons fans are disappointed that Detroit land a player like Corey Maggette, Josh Smith, Josh Childress, or even James Posey, Dumars' unwillingness to make a trade for the sake of moving players is a good thing. This team has made the Eastern Conference Finals six straight seasons, the starting lineup is among the best in basketball, and the young bench will only get better. Maybe new coach Michael Curry is the guy to lead Detroit to its second title of the last six seasons. No matter what, this team still has the players to be a championship contender, and the lack of a panic move on Dumars' part will keep this team competitive in the East.

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