Monday, August 4, 2008

Mike Hart Impresses in Colts Debut

Indianapolis and Washington kicked off the NFL season last night in the Hall of Fame Game, with the Redskins defeating the Colts, 30-16. One of the most impressive players on the field last night was Colts running back Mike Hart, who you may remember from such accomplishments as starting four years at Michigan, becoming our all time leading rusher, and being generally beloved by anyone with a pulse and an allegiance to the Wolverines. Hart (#32 above) rushed for 53 yards on four carries, and also amassed 28 yards on three catches. His best highlight came below, when he took a defender head on, lost his helmet, and still fought for the first down. Anyone who watched Hart play for Michigan should not be surprised by the power and determination he showed last night, and it is great to see Hart start to prove the doubters who thought he couldn't play professionally wrong.

(video via The Diag blog)

Update: has posted their own video of Mike Hart highlights.

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Mikey said...

Looks a lot faster....Barwis really sized him up in the off season. Not that he wasn't a beast already....ahaha...