Monday, August 25, 2008

Michigan Releases Depth Chart: Gives Lesson in the Prodigious Use of "OR"

Will we see another #20 starting at running back? (photo from Rivals)

Sorry about the lack of posting. I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet, but I got an internship with The Wolverine magazine, and today was my first day. As a result, posting may become lighter on Mondays and Thursdays. Bear with me.

Speaking of The Wolverine (great segue, Ace!), they released the official depth chart for Michigan football this morning, which you can find here. Points of outstanding interest:
  • I've never seen the word 'OR' so many times on one page. It appears at seven of the eleven positions on offense. Either there is still a lot of uncertainty about the starters OR we will be playing so many players that the starting designation matters little. My guess is a little of both.
  • Quarterback, unsurprisingly, is one of those positions still up in the air. Nick Sheridan is listed first, for those of you who want to read into things.
  • Running back is crazy. It's listed as Sam McGuffie or Michael Shaw or Brandon Minor or Carlos Brown, in that order. I'm pleasantly surprised to see the freshmen listed as starters.
  • At wide receiver, Greg Mathews and LaTerryal Savoy get the nod outside (with Darryl Stonum close behind both) and Martavious Odoms will start in the slot over Toney Clemons.
  • The offensive line, from left to right: Ortmann, McAvoy, Molk, Moosmann, Schilling. No idea what to expect out of this group, but I'm sure the label "inexperienced" will be thrown around more than enough times to make me want to throw up.
  • Surprises at the linebacker spots: Austin Panter will start at the strong side, with Obi Ezeh in the middle, and Marell Evans beats out Jonas Mouton on the weak side.
  • Other than the linebackers, the defense is exactly as expected.
  • Your kick returners, who are all listed together: Donovan Warren and Martavious Odoms on punts; Brandon Harrison, Morgan Trent, Odoms, and Michael Shaw on kickoffs.
Should make for an interesting Saturday. Not that it wasn't going to be already.


Mikey said...

As if the spread wasn't a big transition, the depth chart completely blows my mind. I surprised Tay Odoms is starting over TC, especially since TC has got him in size. I'm guessing TO(no pun intended) must have some deep threat speed but I feel his size will somehow bring him down.

Zac said...

Congrats on the internship, Things that surprised me about it was that Carson butler didn't take command as i thought he would. And we really can afford no injuries what so ever on our line. also where is our scholarship long snapper?

Anonymous said...

Our Offense is full of people who have never started a college football game. It will be exciting to see how the younglings handle the pressure. Sheridan is a classic case of someone who has never really had a chance to shine until now so i'm hoping he turns out to be the starter at QB. Other than that, Defenses win championships. Most of our Defense is back.