Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chris Perry is the New Bengals Starter

According to, the Cincinnati Bengals released running back Rudi Johnson before the roster deadline.  This is indeed unfortunate for Johnson, who reportedly came into camp in great shape but had trouble with injuries, but it is very good news for former Michigan standout and Heisman Trophy finalist Chris Perry, who now moves into the starting role.
Perry, who graduated in 2003, was a Lloyd Carr dream back, someone who could carry the ball 40 times in a game and who was talented enough to be able to break at least a few of those carries into a home run play.  He was a workhorse, especially his senior year, when he rushed for 1,674 yards and was the Big Ten MVP.  Perry is 3rd all-time at Michigan in career rushing attempts, 6th in yards, and 4th in touchdowns.   

The Bengals obviously have some faith in him, and it's about time he got a legitimate shot at being a pro starter.  Good for him, and hopefully he takes advantage.


Dave said...

Perry played behind some crappy o-lines, Jake Long excluded obviously. If he played behind the lines A-Train played behind he'd likely be the all-time leading rusher in team history.

Glad he'll get the chance to show his stuff this season.

Dave said...

Just checked and Jake Long wasn't on that 2003 squad. The line blocking for Perry:

LT - Adam Stenavich
LG - David Baas
C - Dave Pearson
RG - Matt Lentz
RT - Tony "fat Elvis" Pape

Baas was solid but that line was pretty "meh" overall.